The Good Old Days

Monday, March 14, 2016

Day 14

This slice was written at the Reading Recovery conference
while in a session with the one and only
Ralph Fletcher.
The Good Old Days
                       (by Leah, inspired by Ralph Fletcher)

Sometimes I remember
the good old days,

sitting in our backyard
at the picnic table together,

with a shared bowl of mac and cheese,
large enough to fuel us.

Before long we run off again,
back to play in the sun.

I still can't imagine
anything better than that.


  1. Awesome! A "write like this". This is a great idea for a blog post for SOLC2016,I just may borrow from it and if I do I'll be sure to link to this post.

  2. I love this poem. It sort of reminds me of a Where I'm From poem, but shorter. Using the mentor text to write your poem was a great idea.

  3. Sounds like perfection! Great post, Leah!