LEGO Lessons

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Day 26

     "Mom, I need more LEGO heads that only have one face.   Can you play with me?"

     She invited me into her play, only so that I can run her errands.  First, it was "Find Emmett."  Then, it was "I need hats, but only hard hats.  This is a construction site."  Then it was, "I'm going to be these minifigures.  You can be these."

     It was at this point that I realized that she was the boss of the construction site.  I think they call him/her the foreman.  Not only was she telling me what she needed, she started telling me how to play the minifigures that she had assigned me.  Every time I tried to make my own decisions, she overruled me. 

    "You are not very fun to play with."

     It slipped out of my mouth, and as soon as I saw the expression on her face, I regretted it.  It was a true statement, yet based completely on my own perception.  And, I sounded like a six year old myself.  At least I didn't tell her that I wouldn't be her friend anymore.  Then I would have really been a child.  She didn't cry, or say anything, and we just kept building.

     We played for a little more, and she let me build some of my own projects, and move my guy my own way for the most part.  She did name my building the Empire State Building for me, though. Then she turned to me and asked in her little voice, "Why did you say that I wasn't fun?"

     I looked right at her, and said, "You are, Keira.  You just can't make all the choices for others when you play together."  I felt better saying it that way.  

     The truth is, isn't that true about teaching, too?  No one likes all the choices being made for them, the teachers nor the students.   In fact, it is true about life in general.  Perhaps it wasn't such a bad lesson to share with my daughter after all.  I just want a do over on the start...


  1. Oh, do I hear you on this one. And so important a lesson to be sure. Love the pictures. I wish everyone could hear you on the bit about making choices regarding learning. There are a lot of people I can think of who don't get it.

  2. I totally agree with you on this - I have had that same conversation with my daughter. It will serve them well - and yes I agree with how we say it. I have said it that way too and regretted it... We all learn great lessons from each other - mother and child. Great slice!

  3. Oh Lordy! I am so glad to hear another mamma with this same feeling. Are all little 5 year old girls bossy?....I mean "have leadership skills" LOL! thanks for the reminder of the polite lesson we are teach our children.

  4. Powerful! And you embraced that teachable moment. Remember no ones perfect, especially not the mom or's the underlying unconditional love that's most important

  5. I love the connection you made here to teaching! It is so hard to play with our own kids sometimes--we want them to learn to play well with others, but also strike that balance of letting them be their own person.

  6. I love the honesty in this post and the lessons that this small moment can have for us as teachers. I know I've had my fair share of humbling moments with my own boys (and if I had a nickel for everything I said that I later regretted... well, you know what I mean... ). But it's so important to be reflective, which is what is so great about this post. Thanks for sharing!

  7. The best teaching and learning happen in the moment where each person involved can make connections right away. It makes the realization more concrete. Good call!