Bob O'Squirrel

Friday, March 11, 2016

Day 11

Finding a Story in a Picture Challenge

     "St. Patrick's Day is coming?!?! Oh no!  I don't have any green to wear!!!!"  

     The forest suddenly became a place of possible costumes.  Bob the Squirrel found a pile of green leaves, but they wouldn't stick to his fur.  He stumbled upon a branch with some green buds on it, but it wasn't green enough.  Bob found a puddle where the water was green with algae, but that was just plain gross.  His options seemed to be running out.  

     He felt a little down.  How was he going to show his Irish pride?  He needed a splash of green, and perhaps a little bit of luck. He walked around with his bushy tail down for awhile. Then, he found treasure at the end of the rainbow...

     Bob saw a garden at the edge of the forest!  He made his way towards rows and rows of plants.  Green was everywhere, and one fruit was just his size!  He used his teeth to nibble a hole into his new green shirt for the day.  Bob O'Squirrel was ready for St. Patrick's Day!  

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  1. That's the most hilarious picture! Happy St. Patrick's Day! Jennifer Sniadecki