Sweet Dreams

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Day 9

     It was late.  Bedtime was long overdue.  The rest of the house was asleep, and that is where I was finally headed.  I walked to the bathroom to brush my teeth, and then I went back to the stairs.

    And there it was, all 1,000,000,000 legs and all.

    With the nighttime comes exhaustion, and creepy crawlies ready to attack me.  Or, at least that's the theory in my head.

     I ran to get a shoe, any shoe, to squash my centipede foe.  I know that insects are alive and have value, too, but at 1am I'd rather not take any chances.  I grabbed a random snow boot from my son, and "SMACK."  It takes a few more crazed stomps of the boot for the bug to give up the fight.  

     I went back the bathroom to get a paper towel, and returned to the scene of the smooshing.  I bent down to pick up my victim, with both guilt and relief on my mind.  Then, I see a book laying on the ground.  Could it be just a coincidence that the Creepy Crawlies A to Z just happened to be lying near the crushed bug?  Is this a sign that I should have let it go?  Should I have let the centipede run off into the darkness in peace?

      Um, no.   Seeing that bug on the bottom of the boot means it won't be in my dreams.  No buggy nightmares for me.  Sorry, creepy crawly guy.  It wasn't personal.

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  1. YIKES! EWWW! Sure, who doesn't love to see creepy crawlies in books, but in real life when we are tired? SQUISH!!!