Coffee and The Nutcracker Suite

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Day 12

      "Mom, can I play on the iPad?"

     One of my eyes opens, totally confused.  I wake up in my bed and I see my son's face right next to mine, waiting for an answer.  I look at the clock and wonder why on earth he is awake this early.  The sun streaming in the windows is my clue that there is no going back now.

     "I guess.  I'll be right down."

     20 minutes later I awake again and wonder why I don't hear the iPad or my 7 year old.  I go downstairs, and there he is dancing to the Nutcracker Suite at 7:30am on a Saturday.  My eyes are still a bit blurry, and coffee is going to be a necessity.  I head to the coffee machine and pour water into it.  I go into the cabinet to pull the coffee down, and can't find it anywhere.  I look on the counter.  I check another cabinet.  I look behind the coffee pot.

     Panic sets in.

    I send my husband a text because he is gone at a track meet.  Sure enough, he used it all up yesterday.  Why does it always run out on Fridays, and why doesn't he think to mention it? I suddenly realize that I am destined to spend the morning decaf.  At least it's Saturday.  As the Nutcracker music plays on,  I have a feeling Coffee: Arabian Dance is going to sound bittersweet this morning.    


  1. I love Saturday mornings. I remember my oldest son coming in to me very early in the mornings, getting really close, only a couple of inches from my face, and whispering "Mommy, I have to go to the bathroom." It would freak me out every time. Now, I miss that, of course. Oh, the fun of little early risers. Thanks for this post today.

  2. What a great story! Too bad we will lose an hour of sleep tonight :( Extra coffee for everyone tomorrow!

  3. Oh my, I was hoping for a happier ending re. the coffee! But I love this moment you picked to write about, so relatable. And so sweet with your son.

  4. OH coffee! Just this morning my 6 year old kept asking me question after question, to which I said, "I will not answer until I get my coffee!" Lucky for me there was plenty in the cupboard!