Slop and Green Eggs

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Day 1


     "Yikes! What is that?"


      Kindergarten giggles erupt across the carpet.

      There is so much joy in being a guest reader in a class that shares your love for Piggie and Gerald.   But, when that class also shares your love for Dr. Seuss, it's like two magical worlds colliding.  The merger of two literacy giants, right there on the carpet with 6 year olds. Magical.

     Earlier in the day, those brave young students got to try green eggs and ham for real.  Their equally brave teachers brought all four sections of kinder into one room and made real green eggs and ham with their class, using 24 eggs, some food coloring, sliced ham, a skillet, and tons of #edujoy.  The kids bravely tried their green treat, and many found that they did indeed like green eggs and ham.  

     Fast forward a few hours when the Mo Willems book I brought to read them as a guest reader for Read Across America was also about trying something new and green that smelled funny.  And they noticed it when I did not.  Those bright smiling faces proclaimed their new love for green eggs and ham, and convinced me that it is ok to try new things, even when they are green.

     Isn't it funny how much we can learn from a 6 year old?  

     We can try new things.  

     We can see connections between things in our lives.  

     We can enjoy life.  

     We can giggle, even while we read a story.  

     Slop, anyone?


  1. Ah!!! You're back! Yay! This post very much makes me miss being at work at the moment. You have such great stories from your school! Reading aloud to a class is the best thing ever, especially the little ones. Their wonder hits me every time.

  2. Read Across America week is a good one for read alouds, too. :) How is the knee? I hope you are on the mend. :)

  3. Love this! Leave it to those little thinkers to make the connection!