6 Pups, 2 Kids and a Couple of Big Wheels

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Day 29

     We decided to go to the park, since the sun was shining and the temps were pretty nice.  Finally! A day to get out and enjoy the outdoors again!  I told the kids to get their shoes and coats.  I guess that translated into "Find all the Paw Patrol pups you can and bring them to the park."  Suddenly we were fighting about who was going to bring which pup.  I gently reminded them that last summer, we lost a pup at the park.

     "Oh yeah!  Chase!  I remembered that I buried him now.  Let's go rescue him, pups!"

     Oh boy.  Tears would be up ahead.  

     They loaded onto their big wheels, which seem to have shrunk over the winter.  My son's legs couldn't have gotten longer, because that would mean he's getting older.  That's impossible.  The big wheels took off, headed into the sun towards the park.

    Middle schoolers were also there, making bad choices.  We headed to the next park, making those big wheels travel even farther into the sun.  This is foreshadowing...

     We arrived at the park, the beautiful park.  And my kids spent the whole time yelling at each other.  So, I played with their pups.  Our first grade team just studied shadows, so they were my inspiration.  I even got the picture below before my son rolled over the pups with his big wheel.  Lucky me.

     We started back towards home, and stopped at the previous park (which was now middle schooler free).  My daughter started digging in the wood chips and was surprised that she couldn't make too much progress.  Her fingers were cold, and she claimed she needed supplies.

    "Let's go home and get a shovel, Mom.  We need to rescue Chase."

    "Um, no.  Let's go.  I'm cold."


     We arrived at home still missing a Chase, but all the rest of the pups were accounted for.  So much sunshine and tears were had by all.  I did give high fives all around, though, because it was the first time we went to the park that didn't end with me carrying a big wheel home.  Perhaps they are growing up after all.  Sigh.


  1. Isn't it amazing how kids' legs grow over the wintertime. I noticed the same thing with our daughter. She completely outgrew her tricycle and is ready for a big-girl bike with training wheels.

    Happy spring!

  2. AAAAAAHHHHHHH park visits. I love how your little one thought she could find the missing pup! Maybe by the end of summer...