Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Day 8

     "We need to go to Walgreens to buy my boss a birthday card."

     "Are there toys there?"

     "No, Keira, just cards for birthdays.  It will be quick."

     We walked into Walgreens, and headed to the gift card section.  My daughter tried to convince me to choose a fun one from Build a Bear or Toys R Us, but I assured her that the Dunkin Donuts one was just perfect for teachers.  

     We then walked to the cards, and I started picking some up and reading them.  So, of course, did my daughter.

     "What about this one?"

     "No, dear, that one is for a nephew.  That would be great for me to give to Brayden."

     "What about this one?"

     "That's cute, but it is for a grandma."

     I can tell she was getting impatient, so I grabbed a Spider-Girl one, even though it was intended for a little kid.  I told her that this one was perfect and started walking down the aisle to pay.  She stopped me and said, "Wait, mom.  They have a Spiderman one.  That one is better."

     In that moment, I realized that she thought my boss was a boy.  I replied with, "No, Keira, my boss is actually a girl, so this one is perfect."

     "Girls can be bosses, Mom?"

     "You bet they can, Keira."

     An important life lesson in a Walgreens aisle...  Ka-pow!


  1. Oh the things they know. Never fails to amaze me when kiddos come up with some things. Way to bring a life lesson into the mix. :-)

  2. I love it! And it is perfect for Women's History Month.
    The ending is perfect.

  3. Perfect slice for yesterday. I love how the dialog told the story!