#sol17: A Purse Poem

Saturday, March 25, 2017


Day 25 of #sol17

Dumped Out...

Dum Dums: 3 mystery, a bubblegum, a root beer, a blue raspberry and a sour apple
A  cherry Tootsie  Pop (which I'm now eating) 
One lone burgundy glove
A dentist appointment reminder for next August
3 writing utensils: a yellow highlighter, a broken pencil, and a hot pink Paper Mate
2 ponytail holders
3 apple strawberry GoGo Squeezes
2 bags of Goldfish (rainbow)
1 bag of animal crackers
Lotion samplers:  2 CeraVes, 1 Aquaphor, 1 Aveeno
#25 of The Baby-Sitters Club: Mary Anne and the Search for Tigger
My wallet
2 random school IDs from past years
A Hot Wheels toy
5 crumpled up receipts
A smashed up peanut butter sandwich from Friday (my forgotten lunch)
2 things of sanitizer
An orange and blue pipe cleaner, twirled together to make a friendship bracelet
A dime
A birthday cake order receipt

I was looking for that last thing, and ended up finding a bunch of unexpected items in my purse in the process.

#sol17: #d100literacy

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Day 22 of #sol17

     I spend today with about 30 teachers working on our vertically aligned ELA Curriculum, and we wanted to create a philosophy statement.  To gather all our ideas, we did a mini Twitter chat answering 3 questions:

Q1 What is/are your non-negotiable(s) in literacy instruction?

Q2 What should our purpose be in literacy instruction?

Q3 What makes our literacy unique in D100?

     We will use those tweets to develop a philosophy, with the three questions asking for different perspectives.  Q1 is about what we as an individual find as a non-negotiable.  Q2 was more about the purpose of the group, and Q3 was more the values of our district as a whole. 

     The activity made me think about more that just literacy.  Life is full of things that we personally feel strongly about, and yet within a system or structure other things might be valued more.  I know I personally want to remember to hold true to what I believe, while also being respectful of the perspectives that others may have.  It's tough to do when the world gets busy and we just try to keep up.  We either forget to remember what we value, or we lose sight of our purpose, or we just remember the vision others want us to see.  I am personally going to make a better attempt at remembering and valuing all three.

     Thanks to all the talented teachers who spent time collaborating today!

#sol17: Whistle Pops

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Day 21 of #sol17

     It's funny how a picture can bring back a flood of memories in an instant.  

     I saw this lollipop image on Google one day, and was whisked back to my music making candy eating days.  I remember blowing on my whistle sucker and making a tune that was probably sweeter to the tongue than sweeter to the ear.  After a while, the top of the sucker would get so filled with saliva that you'd have to slurp it out to return it to it's musical glory.  Eventually, the lollipop would start to cave in at the top, and your whistle would just become a regular sucker.  It was at this point that I would often toss it into the trash, the novelty gone.

     Isn't it sad that generations of children won't know the joy that is caused by having lollipops that are also musical instruments?  Fear not, it turns out that many of my old favorites are just a click of a mouse away.  

     My next thought is, now I know why I have so many cavities.  :(


#sol17: A Phone Poem

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Day 20 of #sol17

I'm going to borrow the format of a "phone poem" from this blogger!

7- Jet's Pizza, how I love you so!
8- Square pizza with crust that makes me smile

2- Hawaiian Pizza?
6- Or do we order BLT again?
3- Seriously, it's good.

1- Tomorrow.
5- I just planned our dinner.

(Ok, I feel like I cheated with a number that has so many zeros, but that's the right number!)

#sol17: Little Red

Day 19 of #sol17

     Little Red, walking down the path to her grandma's house, or so the story goes...  

     This Little Red was just taking a walk near our house on an unusually warm winter day.  I had long forgotten that skirt I had bought years ago at a fest, and the sweater I bought a year ago because it reminded me of Little Red, and the book that I bought who knows how long ago.  But on this unusually warm winter day, I happened to find the two pieces of clothing lying on the floor near each other.  They had been pulled out of the drawers during dress up and forgotten again.  On most days, I would have just put them away.  Today, though, we decided to spring into a story.

     It took me but a minute to find the book, and then we drove to the lake.  We stopped for a quick read of a classic tale, since she was dressed the part.  Then off we went down the path, not on our way to grandma's, but just on our hopeful way towards spring.  Well, at least for the day...  The Big Bad Wolf of winter was hiding, it turned out, so I'm glad we had this day in the fresh air.

#sol17: Mario Kart Lessons

Saturday, March 18, 2017

     I hear joyful shrieks paired with angry yells as my children and their friend play video games downstairs.  The moment changes from celebration of a digital victory to a volcano of defeat, spewing its disappointment all over my family room.  Who knew Mario Kart could be such an emotional rollercoaster?

     Growth mindset is a hard thing to have when your neighbor is better than you at video games.

     It makes me think about all the things that I am willing to do in front of other people, and the things I refuse to have an audience for.  I have no problem teaching lessons or giving PD to staff, but I will never parallel park to get there.  I mean, what if someone is watching out the window and sees me fail?  Worse yet, sees me fail while damaging some unsuspecting car?  That fear of failure with an audience can make us fail before we even start.

     My family room once again returned to a more stable climate.  Polite conversation and teamwork have returned, and their shouts are more comedic in nature.  I feel proud, like my son may have learned it's ok to lose sometimes.

     And then I realize that our neighbor is intentionally letting my son win.

     I guess some lessons are not going to be learned today, but I now realize just how much empathy my neighbor has.  Here's to losing and growing another day, during yet another Mario Kart race.

(I did, however, tell my son that the next time he cries over coming in 2nd place, I'll just turn off the game.  Maybe I'm just too used to being in 12th, but that's just crazy. 2nd place tears get no empathy here.)

#sol17: Gold

Friday, March 17, 2017

Day 17 of #sol17

     Today is St. Patrick's Day, so I was on the lookout for little green footprints.  Streaks of green and pots of gold were on everyone's mind, and emerald was the fashionable color of the day.  Did I find any gold?  You bet I did!  While I did not find a rainbow, nor the pot of gold that should be at the end of it, I did find treasures all day.  Here are the pieces of gold I found...

     -A teacher whose voice and courage will help our students battling immigration issues

     -A donut covered in coconut and chocolate

     -Kinders who found the leprechaun tracks and explained their traps to me

     -Administrators working together to be the best they can be

     -New sketchnoters sketchnoting!

     -Teachers willing to have honest conversations at difficult times

     -Random St. Pat's day greetings from my coworkers

     -The promise of the Baby Sitters Club movie, purchased today for a student

     -Corned beef and cabbage with my family

     -The excitement my kids had for Liam the Leprechaun

     -My iced coffee after school

     -My dog allowing me to dress her up in green

     -My daughter's book order arrived!

     If I had a pot, it would be full of gold.  Perhaps not the kind that could fill my bank account, but certainly the kind that fills my heart.