The Easter Bunny

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Day 27

     The eggs were boiling, and my daughter kept impatiently asking me if they were ready yet.  She really wanted to turn her eggs into pirates, thanks to our decorating kit.  Like, right now.  In an attempt to distract her, I asked her to put something away from the kitchen table.  As I glanced to the table, I saw it through the window!  The Easter Bunny!

     "Look!  It's the Easter Bunny!  Right in our backyard!"  

     We both ran to the sliding glass door and looked into the yard.  We decided to feed him, but there were no more carrots in the fridge.  So, we decided to see if he likes strawberries.  We picked a few out of the container and slowly opened the door.  I gently tossed them into the grass near him.  Sadly, that seemed to scare him away.

    Hop.  Hop.  Hop.  Away ran the Easter Bunny.

     Later, as we were decorating our eggs, the kids started talking about the things they hope to find in their basket on Easter.  I reminded them that a little bunny can't carry anything major.  Their baskets would most likely be small.  That's when my daughter assuredly said, "No, Mom.  The REAL Easter Bunny is a man in a bunny suit, like at the mall.  He can carry big stuff."



  1. This is really sweet, and I love your daughter's proclamation at the end. She's pragmatic, yes?

  2. ha! yes - my kids told me -- well the Easter Bunny is magical, so he can bring anything! I had forgotten that last year he brought roller skates. So far today they were happy with just the candy and a few little things! phew!

  3. I love that! Out of the mouths of babes!