#sol18: Toys R Us Kid

Thursday, March 22, 2018

#SOL18: March 22nd

I'm a Toys R Us Kid

      I'm a Toys R Us Kid.   Well, I guess I always will be in my heart, as they are closing forever.  Sniffle.

      Just last week, I had asked some kids to do some informal blogging by making a Top 10 Toy List.  Much to my surprise (and irritation) many of the 4th graders replied that they don't play with toys.  I remember reading the posts at home, whining about it to my husband.  I was just so disappointed that the kids didn't play with toys and/or that they didn't think it was cool to play with toys.  I did amend the questions to Top 10 Toys/Hobbies, but 13 kids said they don't play with any toys.  I left the class a personal note before the next blog post, saying: 

Dear 4th Graders, 
I am deeply saddened by the number of posts saying that you do not play with toys.  Your iPhones and video games are indeed expensive toys.  I would also count soccer balls and other sports equipment as outdoor toys for people your age.  I would like to remind you that you are children, and your primary job is to be a kid and play.  So, play.  Also, I'm pretty sure you enjoy some nice toys, courtesy of your teachers, at indoor recess.  Play on, young friends.  Love, Mrs. O'Donnell 

     It just made me so sad that they didn't PLAY. Or weren't aware that they were playing.  Or felt like they had to be too old for toys.

     And then Toys R Us closed.

     I'm just devastated, as is my daughter.  We both have such fond memories of saving up for the perfect toys.  My toys of choice were Barbies, and my kids love Playmobil, Lego, and Star Wars.  I think the Shopkin craze it finally starting to pass.  Oh, Toys R Us, you have always been there to support our play.  My house is a constant mess, because my kids play with toys.  And I play with toys with them. And I'm 40.

     I don't know.   This slice is just a rambling post to somehow document that I think kids should play more.  Whether they get toys from to a toy store, or play outside in the fresh air, kids should play.  And they should know that they should play, and embrace it.  Hopefully, that playful side will never be lost.


     OK, I'm off my soap box.  I'll end with a song that is etched in my childhood memories, and pictures of my mom taking my kids to Toys R Us for my son's birthday.  I guess we will file these memories under the good old days.  Goodbye, Geoffrey the Giraffe.

I don't wanna grow up
I'm a Toys R' Us kid
They've got a million toys at Toys R' Us that I can play with

I don't wanna grow up
I'm a Toys R' Us kid
They've got the best for so much less
You'll really flip your lid

From bikes
To Trains
To Video Games
It's the biggest Toy Store there is

I don't wanna grow up
Cause baby if I did
I couldn't be a Toys R' Us kid
More games, more toysOh boy!
I wanna be a Toys R' Us kid


  1. I, too, am saddened by the closing of Toys R Us. I loved going there as a child and taking my children there as an adult. My youngest is twelve now, so we are phasing out of the toy days, with Legos being the main fun thing around here, but we also have had playing be a big part of our lives. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That's so sad that many of the 4th graders thought they weren't playing or said they don't play with toys!! I think your note to them was perfect... they are KIDS!! GO BE KIDS & PLAY! There are many ways to play without being on a technology device. Your slice is bitter sweet- I enjoyed reading about the memories but it's sad these wonderful stores are closing.

  3. I couldn't believe the announcement that Toys R' Us closing. It saddened me but most of all it saddens me to hear that many of your students don't think of play as a good pastime.

  4. Gee whiz! Now I'm curious what my students will say when asked the toy question. I wonder if it is the awareness of what play is or the fear of what others will think if they say they play with toys or something else. Hmm.