#SOL18: Tostitos Scoops

Saturday, March 3, 2018

#SOL18: March 3rd

Tostitos Scoops

     There we were, watching a LEGO movie while snacking on some Tostitos.  My son and I were sitting on the couch, sharing the a bowl.  I soon began to notice a difference in the way that we were snacking, though.

Crunch.  Crunch.  Next chip.

My son:
Crunch.  Crunch.  Crunch.  Crunch.  Crunch.  Crunch.  Crunch.  Crunch.  Crunch.  Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.  Next chip.

     To eat a single chip, he took 11 little bites.  No wonder there are crumbs everywhere when he eats! Nibbling chips creates lots of little chip remnants.  My method causes less crumbs, but consumes a lot more calories.  Perhaps my next diet plan should be the Nibble Method.


  1. So cute! I am picturing you and your son, the chips, the crumbs, the love.
    A cherished small moment. Glad you captured it in writing!

  2. This reminds me so much of my husband! He leaves crumbs everywhere!!

  3. I have a student who picks the tiny chocolate chips out of his granola bars and eats them one at a time. Not only does it make a mess, but it takes him 10 minutes to eat! I like you're idea about nibble method as a diet plan, but I'd still eat the whole bag eventually!

  4. That's a lot of crunching, but sounds like a relaxing and yummy afternoon with your boy!

  5. I used to do that all of the time! That must've been tricky to clean up. Aside from that, it seems like you had a really great time with your son!

  6. The nibble method! Hahaha! He's savoring EVERY bite of that chip!