#sol18: Daylight Savings

Sunday, March 11, 2018

#SOL18: March 11th

Daylight Savings

     My son was looking at the March calendar.

     "Hey mom! It's Daylight Savings Time this week.  You know who's going to be sad about that?  The moon.  I bet he wants Night Savings Time.  The sun will be happy, though, because he gets to stay out late."

     You know who else is going to be sad about it?  Me.  There isn't a pot of coffee big enough this morning.  I guess I could use that hour of sleep.  Yawn.


  1. Amen. I am sipping my coffee perusing the Slices this morning realizing that morning is almost over.

  2. I like your son's perspective. Night Savings Time for the moon :)

  3. I love what your son said so much! Kids - always concerned about fairness! I agree with you on the coffee part, though. I've been dreading DST, even though I prefer the light to continue into the evening. Let's just keep it that way.

  4. What a precious thought by your son! Yes, this will be a tough adjustment for me this week - wish we would stick to one time all year!

  5. Daylight saving is such a sort of awakening. Gives us the idea that the world is a bit brighter. Living in Michigan, we need all the light we can get!

  6. Your son's comment is adorable! Very thoughtful. I'm feeling more tired today than yesterday!