#sol18: RIP Plant

Monday, March 5, 2018

#SOL18: March 5th

RIP Plant


     I have never been known to be able to keep anything green alive, but I think I just set a new world record for plant killing.

     I went to a wedding shower and I won a game!  The prize was this pretty plant, which I will describe as the lavender flowers because I have no clue what kind of plant it is.  It sure was pretty though, and as I took it I jokingly said, "Good luck little plant.  I've even killed a cactus before."

     When I got home from the shower I put it on the stove.  I thought it would look pretty there.  It seemed like spring had arrived in my house just as the calendar turned to March!  Fantastic.

     Are you curious why the flowers in the picture above look half dead?  After 1 day?  I'm sure you are.  Well, it turns out that my husband might also not have a green thumb.  I came home from a second wedding shower the next day, and he was cooking meatloaf.  He had turned the oven on, but didn't move the plant.  Within a short period of time, the petals began to change.  The poor thing just wilted right before our eyes.

     It was nice having your beautiful petals in our home, if even for a little while.  We are so sorry.  I haven't given up on you yet, but the water we gave you hasn't seemed to turn things around.  I suppose I'm just glad I didn't win a plant from the second shower.  That would have been too much responsibility for me to handle in one weekend.

     RIP, poor plant.   You were lovely.


  1. This made me smile.
    I totally get it.
    that's why I only strive to keep bamboo alive.........

  2. Oh no, your beautiful plant! It was so pretty while it lasted : ) I have Croton plants in my classroom and my students help me take care of them! They are nice and hearty and have some color to them- give them a try!

  3. Your slice made me laugh out loud:) I also have a "brown thumb" and I can sympathize!

  4. Good thing we have sue butler as our suite mate and we can enjoy her plants ❤️