#sol17: Whistle Pops

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Day 21 of #sol17

     It's funny how a picture can bring back a flood of memories in an instant.  

     I saw this lollipop image on Google one day, and was whisked back to my music making candy eating days.  I remember blowing on my whistle sucker and making a tune that was probably sweeter to the tongue than sweeter to the ear.  After a while, the top of the sucker would get so filled with saliva that you'd have to slurp it out to return it to it's musical glory.  Eventually, the lollipop would start to cave in at the top, and your whistle would just become a regular sucker.  It was at this point that I would often toss it into the trash, the novelty gone.

     Isn't it sad that generations of children won't know the joy that is caused by having lollipops that are also musical instruments?  Fear not, it turns out that many of my old favorites are just a click of a mouse away.  

     My next thought is, now I know why I have so many cavities.  :(


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  1. This line, "probably sweeter to the tongue than sweeter to the ear" probably rings true. And then your image gallery at the end! Now I am ruminating in memories. You're missing Now and Laters. :)