#sol17: My Cat in the Hat

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Day 2 of #sol17

      A month ago I heard that Target had Dr. Seuss clothes, and I drove straight there.  I went to the kids aisle, and bought a Cat in the Hat sweatshirt and a Oh, The Places You'll Go dress, both for my daughter. They only had up to 5T, and my daughter is the only one who can squeeze into that size anymore. The "big kid" department did not have Seussy fashions to choose from.  I walked away from that aisle wondering how on earth time had passed so quickly.  It seemed like just yesterday that I was buying newborn Seuss onesies for my son so that he would match his nursery.  And yet, somehow, the time had come where he had grown out of the little kid section entirely.  My daughter isn't far behind him.

    Weeks went by, and Read Across America Day arrived.  This morning, I started digging through clothes looking for that sweatshirt.  

     In the closet?  

     In 7 different drawers?  

     On top of the dryer?

     On the pole in the laundry room?  

     The whole time, my daughter just kept saying, "I don't want to wear that sweatshirt.  It's Green Eggs and Ham day.  I just want to wear green."

     And yet, I still searched.

     My son has grown out of that section, and my daughter will be next.  I needed her to wear that shirt today.

     I finally found it buried in a basket of clean clothes, and I carried it in my hand as I started walking up the stairs.  I started to convince myself that maybe my son could squeeze into it, after all. I went up to see, and my daughter shouts, "My sweater!"

     I guess my little Cat doesn't like to be told things. She has no problem making decisions on her own, especially when there's a cute hood to complete the look.  She became the Cat without a blink of an eye.

     Today my daughter wore her Cat in the Hat sweatshirt to school, and my son just wore a green Darth Vader shirt because it was "wear green for Green Eggs and Ham" day.  But, in my mind, he was wearing his Thing 1 onesie again, if just for a moment. 



  1. There's nothing like a Dr. Seuss's birthday to inspire the fashion of the day. Both of your Seuss fans are gorgeous.

  2. Adorable :) A friend of mine is starting a graduation present for her son- she's getting the book "Oh the Places You'll Go" and each year putting a little $ with the book and also having his teacher write a little note in the book. When he graduates high school, she'll give him the book signed by all his teachers and with a little congratulations cash too. I thought it was a cute idea- and after reading your post, I thought I'd share :)

  3. A story of growing up told via rituals, love it Leah!