#sol17: Little Red

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Day 19 of #sol17

     Little Red, walking down the path to her grandma's house, or so the story goes...  

     This Little Red was just taking a walk near our house on an unusually warm winter day.  I had long forgotten that skirt I had bought years ago at a fest, and the sweater I bought a year ago because it reminded me of Little Red, and the book that I bought who knows how long ago.  But on this unusually warm winter day, I happened to find the two pieces of clothing lying on the floor near each other.  They had been pulled out of the drawers during dress up and forgotten again.  On most days, I would have just put them away.  Today, though, we decided to spring into a story.

     It took me but a minute to find the book, and then we drove to the lake.  We stopped for a quick read of a classic tale, since she was dressed the part.  Then off we went down the path, not on our way to grandma's, but just on our hopeful way towards spring.  Well, at least for the day...  The Big Bad Wolf of winter was hiding, it turned out, so I'm glad we had this day in the fresh air.

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  1. Love this post and how you found inspiration in a photograph! I like that winter is the big bad wolf. Hahaha.