#sol17: Speaking Narrative

Monday, March 27, 2017

Day 27 of #sol17

     The experiences in our life are just like the pages in a novel.  Each event that happens, every relationship we have, every success or failure we experience, all contribute to the bigger plot line of our lives.  Our story is being written as we spend our days, and only when we choose to reread our past do we see how those parts connect to our present.

     I started my day speaking with a teacher about the idea that we don't just move on, because those experiences shape us.  I somehow then spent the day finding random moments of my past, and reflecting on how they have somehow affected me today.

     It's days like today that you may want to avoid me, as simple conversations turn into narratives.  Small moments of my life spilled out of me.  Stories of my aunt's school experiences, unit lessons that spoke to me, my manager days at McDonalds, college loans, my experience with CAT tests as a student, and my past weekend.  Today I spoke in narrative.  I just can't close the book once it has been opened.  

     I'm going to blame #sol17.   This slicer now slices orally, too.  Was that part of the challenge? :)


  1. Yes, I agree! The experiences we live are like pages of a novel. Love the saying on your light-up sign too! Perfect for your blog today! Thanks for sharing your thought-provoking words!!!!! Love it!!!!

  2. This post is very interesting; it made me thing if I do the same thing. I have not been particularly good at the narrative aspect, turning more to poetry and informational writing. You have challenged me to work more on the narratives. Thank you.