#sol17: Spaces

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Day 29 of #sol17

     I am frustrated.  I  was typing a blog post the other  day, and  when I was done I  reread it back. I thought  I  was going  crazy, but there  were a lot of extra spaces  between my words.  I  thought it was pretty odd,  deleted the spaces, and went to sleep.  I figured I was just typing too fast, too late at night.

     Funny thing is, the next day the spaces were still there when I typed.  Randomly there were just extra spaces between my words.  Not all the time,  but enough to drive  me crazy.  Like that extra space between "drive" and "me" in that last sentence.

     Today, when I was working on curriculum documents, the  plans in Google Drive had more space in them than outer space.  OK, that might be a  slight exaggeration.  

     By process of elimination, I narrowed it down to my spacebar.  I think it is mad at me.

     I just saw my  cursor jump an extra space when I was indenting.  

     It didn't do it that time when I was indenting.  Weird.

     Just looking at this post with random double spaces between some words is driving me crazy, but I can't delete them because then I would really look insane.  (I typed a whole sentence with no double spaces.  Make that three.  Trying four...  I'm on a streak!!!)

     I googled it, and it suggests I might need to try canned air, or to replace the keyboard.  Just the thought of sending my computer off to get serviced gives me anxiety.  

     Also, this is kind of weird, but it seems like some people spell it spacebar (compound word) and others spell it space bar (with a space).  Doesn't the second one seem more fitting, since it has the word space in it?  Now I am just ramble typing, just waiting to see if my spacebar/ space bar sticks.

     Well, for now it seems to have stopped adding spaces.  I think it is because I am now typing very deliberately.  At least it gave me a topic for day 29.  :)



  1. I love this - you found a slice in the space!
    My favorite line (among many) is this one: more space in them than outer space. It goes from feeling whimsical to capturing all of your frustrations and then your lines become playful as you try to beat your personal space-y best! I love this post!!!

  2. This made me laugh out loud! Great post!