#sol17: A Purse Poem

Saturday, March 25, 2017


Day 25 of #sol17

Dumped Out...

Dum Dums: 3 mystery, a bubblegum, a root beer, a blue raspberry and a sour apple
A  cherry Tootsie  Pop (which I'm now eating) 
One lone burgundy glove
A dentist appointment reminder for next August
3 writing utensils: a yellow highlighter, a broken pencil, and a hot pink Paper Mate
2 ponytail holders
3 apple strawberry GoGo Squeezes
2 bags of Goldfish (rainbow)
1 bag of animal crackers
Lotion samplers:  2 CeraVes, 1 Aquaphor, 1 Aveeno
#25 of The Baby-Sitters Club: Mary Anne and the Search for Tigger
My wallet
2 random school IDs from past years
A Hot Wheels toy
5 crumpled up receipts
A smashed up peanut butter sandwich from Friday (my forgotten lunch)
2 things of sanitizer
An orange and blue pipe cleaner, twirled together to make a friendship bracelet
A dime
A birthday cake order receipt

I was looking for that last thing, and ended up finding a bunch of unexpected items in my purse in the process.


  1. I am in awe of your purse. And I think you just created a new kind of poem. I hate carrying a purse, preferring to put my wallet in my pocket. If I don't have a pocket I have a small bag that has just enough room for my wallet.

  2. Never thought to turn this into a poem, but have seen this a a great lesson on inferring. We learn so much about each other by looking inside the purse! I love the list of this piece and your anecdotes along the way.

  3. The thing you're looking for is ALWAYS the last thing!! But you found so many treasures along the way. I always leave my purse until it is a frightening mess/a treasure trove! That appointment reminder in my purse would have been for LAST August! =P

  4. I love this!! Your purse inventory is quite poetic. Mary Poppins has nothing on you. You could feed a small army for at least a day! This made my day. I love it!

  5. Oh, this is so fun! It's amazing what you can learn about a person from the contents of their purse. 😀 Years ago, when my sons were little, I ALWAYS had multiple spare Hot Wheels vehicles in my purse. ~JudyK

  6. This is fun. I might have my students write one about their backpacks, although I might be afraid to read them. :)

  7. that's some purse you have there! I love the mixture of items. And I'm seriously impressed by the amount of things you had in your purse. Funny that you found all these other things while looking for just a receipt!

  8. I love this - I added it to my blog idea file. I just cleaned out my purse, so I'll have to wait for it to "junk-up" again...a day or two should be enough!

  9. This is awesome! If I was currently using a bigger purse, I'd totally write a post this like, but I just have a little wristlet!

  10. And then did you dump it all back in?! :)