#sol17: #d100literacy

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Day 22 of #sol17

     I spend today with about 30 teachers working on our vertically aligned ELA Curriculum, and we wanted to create a philosophy statement.  To gather all our ideas, we did a mini Twitter chat answering 3 questions:

Q1 What is/are your non-negotiable(s) in literacy instruction?

Q2 What should our purpose be in literacy instruction?

Q3 What makes our literacy unique in D100?

     We will use those tweets to develop a philosophy, with the three questions asking for different perspectives.  Q1 is about what we as an individual find as a non-negotiable.  Q2 was more about the purpose of the group, and Q3 was more the values of our district as a whole. 

     The activity made me think about more that just literacy.  Life is full of things that we personally feel strongly about, and yet within a system or structure other things might be valued more.  I know I personally want to remember to hold true to what I believe, while also being respectful of the perspectives that others may have.  It's tough to do when the world gets busy and we just try to keep up.  We either forget to remember what we value, or we lose sight of our purpose, or we just remember the vision others want us to see.  I am personally going to make a better attempt at remembering and valuing all three.

     Thanks to all the talented teachers who spent time collaborating today!


  1. So many big ideas, and all are worthy of your time and attention. Kudos to you all for giving time to the big picture, the core of our work.

  2. I like the idea of doing a twitter chat in real time where you could use info to help drive the meeting!