#sol17: One With the Couch

Friday, March 3, 2017

Day 3 of #sol17

     I am one with my couch.

     I sat down to blog, and I am just too tired to be inspired.

     This morning, ideas were coming fast and furious for day 3.  My old, beloved dog.  My hilarious lunch experience.  The art lesson I saw.  My talk with a colleague.  My daughter and her pajama twin.    

     But now, I am one with the couch.  Ideas are fragments, not forming complete thoughts.  This week was professionally very rich, and I put it all out there.  All that's left, for now, is this half hearted post from the couch.  

     Where is that TV remote, anyway?  Oh well.  That's for another day, too.


  1. Friday's are killer! But you still managed to blog!! Love the expression "one with the couch."

  2. So good Leah. My fridays are similar but today I went shopping! :-)

  3. "One with the couch" sounds perfect! Enjoy & rejuvenate!