#sol17: Tears and Coffee

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Day 8 of #sol17

    "Can I help you?"

    "A med- medium coffee coffee with um cr cr cream."

     Was I just barely able to order my coffee through my tears?  Well, that's a first.

     I have always been known as a crier.  Or is it cryer?  I don't even know if that's a word.  What I do know is that I cry.  A lot.  It's just the unexpected tears at a Dunkin Donuts that took me by surprise.

     This morning, I listened to the new Ed Sheeran album for the first time.  I always find it rare when I can listen to a CD the whole way through, especially on the first go around.  But today, track by track, I found myself making connections to my life.

     No, I don't think I am Ed Sheeran.  But, I did find myself  thinking about my days as a child, playing with my neighbors.

     And I remembered how much I love Tiny Dancer, like my mom.
     And I felt myself picturing my daughter falling in love someday.

     And I pictured the early days of dating my husband.
     And I found myself thinking about the lessons my family have taught me.

     And I agree that love can change the world in a moment.

     And I decided that I am his Gallway Girl.

     And then I got to track 12, and just LOST IT thinking about so many things.  And, just when I thought I had myself together, I rolled my window down and was barely able to order my coffee.

     I quickly put my sunglasses on over my eyes, got to the window, paid for my coffee, and cried for 5 more minutes before putting my game face on.

     I think, for the benefit of others, I might be skipping track 12 on my commute to school.

     What a talented man...

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  1. OK, now I'm curious and have to figure out what track 12 is on this album. I like Ed Sheeran but if he can make a grown woman cry, I've gotta know more! (And I hope it was a GOOD cry, if you know what I mean!)