Siri, Flashlight On.

Friday, March 1, 2019

#SOL19: March 1st

     We had just finished running errands to gather materials for the t h r e e school projects that were all due the next day for my kids.   We got our photos for the community project, a poster board and photos for the Lincoln biography poster, and a black shirt for the dance challenge in PE.  The sun had set somewhere between Michaels and Walgreens, and my son wanted to read a Dogman book in a dark car.

     "Mom, can I use your phone as a flashlight?"

     I passed the phone back to him, but the car did not get any brighter.

     "Uh, Mom.  You forgot to turn it on."

     "Then turn it on.  I'm driving a car."

     My daughter did what she always does, and took the phone from her older brother to solve his problem.  How did I know?  Because, in the dark, I started hearing:

     "Siri, light on.  Turn light on.  Siri, LIGHT ON.  Siri?  Siri?"

     "K, why don't you try using the word "flashlight" instead of "light"?  That might work out better for you."

     "Siri, flashlight.  Flashlight on.  Turn flashlight on.  Siri, FLASHLIGHT ON."

     "It's on."

      And, like that, the car was quiet again.  The sound of pages turning could be heard from the newly illuminated backseat.  At first, I wondered why it was easier for the kids to use Siri to turn the flashlight on, when I myself just swipe.  I never really use Siri at all.  Then, I started to think about how that could have actually happened.  My daughter talked to my phone, it heard her, and then it turned it's own flashlight on.  By itself.  A phone.  The car was suddenly brighter, but my mind went to a bit of a dark place.  What else can it hear?  What else can it do that I didn't even think it could do?

     Then I calmed down a bit.  Who's tricking who, though?  I remembered that my phone was able to be convinced (by my daughter) that I am her.  So, we are still in control.

      I think...



  1. Our children will not know of a world without Siri...I forget to use "her" because it isn't part of my life. Love how your kids can problem solve and help each other!

  2. I heard a story on the radio about Venmo and that it's like pay pal with social media and I immediately thought, "Who in the heck needs to know who I send money to and when I pay my mortgage?!" I did not grow up in the world of Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram-Thank my lucky stars! Privacy is underrated in these times of over sharing....big brother indeed

  3. My favorite line is "The sun had set somewhere between Michaels and Walgreens, and my son wanted to read a Dogman book in a dark car." The life of a mother can be summed up in that, can't it? Wonderful Slice to start the month, leaving us with a lot to think about.

  4. Siri hears everything and the fact that Siri thinks your daughter is you could get interesting. Where's the passcode for voice commands?!? The struggles of parenting are real and ever evolving. ;)

  5. It hears all! There are some definite benefits to Siri, but I generally just take the time and turn on the flashlight myself. I will however let Siri set a timer for me. Great to be writing along with you again this year!