Photography Lessons

Thursday, March 14, 2019

#SOL19: March 14th

Photography Lessons

It's not easy becoming a better photographer.  
I know.  I took an on-line class.  

My course admins were pros, like professional photographers.
"Take our year long course to become a better mom photographer," they said.
"You'll capture moments of your children that you treasure."

Week One was Aperture.
"Try this," said Amy & Heidi.  "Shoot in Av priority mode, and you'll get background blur."

I tried out Av mode and posted some pictures to our closed Facebook group.
I was impressed with the work of others mom photogs like me.  It challenged me.

Week Two was Shutter Speed.
"Freeze the action," said Amy & Heidi.  "Use Tv mode and change your shutter speed so that you are catching action frozen in the moment, avoiding blur in your photos."

I took a deep breath and switched to Tv mode at my daughter's indoor soccer game.
"Nice start," said the Facebook group moderator.

Week Three was ISO.
Amy & Heidi showed us that the final element in exposure is measuring light by changing the ISO setting.
"Can I really change the aperture, the shutter speed, AND the ISO setting accurately?" I asked myself.  "Maybe I should just go back to auto settings."
Heidi & Amy disagreed.  "You can do this!"

Next we practiced Focus Modes, then Focus Points, then White Balance, and we just kept taking pictures to practice it all.  

Week Seven?  Manual Mode. For the first time since I have owned my camera, I am consistently choosing to pick my own settings and shooting in manual.  Thank goodness we have many more weeks to go in this class to keep practicing.  

I wrote this slice in the style of Jon Agee in Lion Lessons.


  1. I love photography, and I love that you were inspired by a mentor text.

  2. Learning to photograph well does take time and practice, but it's worth it! I haven't taken a class, but have put in a lot of practice. Nice way to show your journey!