I Leprechaun't

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

#SOL19: March 6th

        I can't function without my coffee.

        This is true.  A cup of coffee in the morning is the only guaranteed way to wake me up.  I'm not entirely sure it's the coffee itself, because more times than not it goes cold before I even drink it.  But, every morning I walk into the kitchen, rub my eyes as they adjust to the light, and shuffle across the room to the coffee pot.  My husband always makes a pot when he wakes up.  Recently, I have been coming downstairs just before he leaves for school to pour myself a cup of coffee, since he has zero hour.  It's been nice having wee little conversations with him prior to the whole clan waking up.  

       So, in summary, my coffee is made daily by a red headed Irishman with the last name O'Donnell, and it is the first thing I do every morning in my daily routine.

     I leprechaun't function without my coffee, indeed.  

(Thanks to my local Dunkin Donuts for supplying the ground coffee that he uses, and for the beautiful rainbow art and language fun.)

1 comment:

  1. YES! I leprechaun't function either.
    I wrote about coffee today, too. It's a good thing I ordered a venti because some spilled during my first teaching session.
    Wahhhhh! :(