Lemon Paczki

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

#SOL19: March 5th

      I was in a curriculum meeting with our 3rd grade dual language teachers.  I think we were talking about salient sounds, or consonant blends, or perhaps a combination of both, and I was mid sentence when something came over me, and I stopped and inquired...

      "Why is there a Weber's box on that table?"  

       Yep.  Mid sentence I went from professional literacy coordinator to sweet tooth Leah.  If anyone has been to Weber's, you'll understand.  Were chocolate cake donuts in there?  Or pound cake footballs?  Those are my favorite.  I just needed to know.  The answer?  Paczkis.  

       Now, I had never had a Paczki before, but I wasn't afraid to try new things.  Upon inspection, there seemed to be a few sugar coated ones, one covered in powdered sugar, a bright pink one that I assumed was strawberry, and a little yellow one hiding in the corner.  Could it be lemon?  I do enjoy a refreshing lemon treat.

      I waited a few hours, and talked about a formative assessment called Diario Dual while passing the time.  We wrote in English and Spanish, and we talked about how student work could drive instruction when we see our students' bilingual abilities side by side.  After a deep conversation like that, I was ready to try that little lemon maybe Paczki.  I mean, didn't I earn it?  A cognitive workout deserves Webers.

      First bite?  Confirmed.  Lemon indeed.  I was not prepared for the bright yellow cream filling that started oozing out of the pastry.  I was also not prepared for the large size, as it seemed so cute and little in the box, but now felt large and decadent in my hand.  Still, I did not shy away.  When Bea brings Paczkis, you try the Paczkis.  It seems like a fair rule.

     Speaking of rules, is Paczki a proper noun?  It seems like it should be/ could be in a fancy Weber's box, so I'll go with it.  



  1. You definitely deserved your new found Weber's treat after writing in two languages and analyzing student work. Dual language teachers are amazing! Thanks for sharing your delectable moment with us.

  2. This warms my Polish heart! Paczki isn't a proper noun, but it sure deserves it. =)