Friday, March 15, 2019

#SOL19: March 15th

      It was an impulse buy, on Pi Day.  

      At the end of dance class, my daughter heard that it was National Pi Day.  One of the other moms was explaining the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.  She kept saying 3.14159.  What did my daughter take away from the conversation?  Pie.

      "Mom, we need to go buy a pie!  It's National Pie Day!" she exclaimed.

       We got to the car and buckled in, and a little voice from the back kept whispering, "Pie."  So, instead of taking a right, I took a left, and we headed to Target.  We walked directly to the bakery aisle, and scanned for the pies.  There were a few mini pies in sight, but they were triple berry and pecan.  She does not consider those pies.  She suggested we ask, so I did, and we soon discovered that Target doesn't sell fresh whole pies.  (I was actually kind of shocked.). And our favorite bakery was closed, as it was 7:45 at night.  She did ask.

      The look of disappointment on her face was a bit too much for a mom who also now wanted pie, so I thought a minute and remembered that they sometime sell them in the frozen section.  I announced our next location, and she looked a bit confused. 

       "Why would a pie be in a freezer?  That doesn't make sense."

       "No, it's frozen because you need to bake it.  We would need to make it."

        A big smile crossed her face, and my little baker was even more determined to find a pie now.  We found ourselves in the freezer section admiring a rather small but somewhat diverse selection of pies to purchase.  I was pushing for the French silk, as that one could just thaw, but she went apple.  It was going to be a late night.

        I got home and put the pie in the oven.  Because we had dance, they still hadn't finished up their homework, so they did that.  The timer went off for the pie, just as I told my kids to go to bed.  A flash of anger crossed her face, and she uttered that single word again.  "Pie."

         "Well, you are so lucky.  That pie needs to cool down for a few hours, so you can go to bed, and when you wake up, you can have pie for breakfast."

       National Pie Day is going to be celebrated the day after Pi Day in the O'Donnell House.  I wonder if I should still have her measure the diameter and circumference of the pie and explore their ratio before we dig in in our jammies this morning.  :)

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  1. Pie for breakfast! I bet she couldn't wait to fall asleep so she could wake up to that yummy treat!!