Mugs Full of Memories

Friday, March 8, 2019

#SOL19: March 8th

     I walked in the door at my parent's house and heard the sound of running water at the sink, and  saw a card table set up in the middle of the kitchen.  You could barely see the olive green surface, as it was covered with glasses.  Drinking glasses of all kinds!  Coffee mugs, wine glasses, tumblers, you name it.  Standing at the sink, perched on a step stool, was my daughter. 

     My mom, who was sitting at the kitchen table, heard the door open, saw my confused glance, and said, "Oh, she wanted to wash cups for me."  I looked to the cabinets, both doors wide open, showing empty-ish shelves.  My mom has so many cups that taking this collection down to wash them still left her with a collection hidden inside.

     The coffee mug from our Vegas trip to visit my uncle (circa the early to mid 80's) was now clean.

     The tumblers I used to drink my too sweet Kool-Aid out of were now clean.

     The mugs that I bought from U of I during my college days was now clean (both the valentine one for my mom, and the "My kid and my money go to U of I" one I got for my dad).

     The cup from the Kenny Chesney/ Tim McGraw concert was now clean.

     The glasses we use for our sparkling grape juice every year for New Years were now clean.

     It's amazing how many memories came back from this random chore.  Those mugs might have been filled with dust, but they are also filled with so much more.  


  1. My grandmother was a teacher for 40 years. We have a lot of mugs. I can picture this cabinet perfectly.

  2. Your daughter sounds like my kind of people :-) How sweet of her and what a fun walk down memory lane!

  3. Poem time
    Here's your line...

    Those mugs might have been filled with dust, but they are also filled with so much more.