One Sentence

Saturday, March 2, 2019

#SOL19: March 2nd

     I've been struggling with some things lately.

     That was one sentence.  But what does that one sentence mean?  To be honest, everyone can say that sentence these days.  We all have our struggles.  

     We all have those days, and sometimes those days turn into weeks, or sometimes it's just minutes that turn into hours.  But, we all have them.  We can name all the different {major and minor} reasons why.  I won't bore you all will those details now, as they are just things that I am struggling with.  They are not things that I can't overcome, and not necessarily all bad things, but things nonetheless.  And it was just one of those days in a series of just one of those days.

     When I got to work, I found a note on my desk in a little blue envelope.   This is not a common occurrence.  I don't even check my mailbox at work, since I don't typically get mail.  I'm pretty sure I do have one, though.  Usually, if I do get a random piece of mail, it gets hand delivered to my desk.  Sometimes it is inter school mail, but more often it is educational promotional materials.  Once there was a set of letters from a 1st grade class.  Another time I got a book from a principal.  Once, it was a handwritten invitation to a writing celebration! But most of the time, it's educational ads, and those don't even come to me as often as you'd think a literacy coordinator would get them.  This little blue envelope looked different than an advertisement, though, and it arrived on one of those days when I was struggling with things.  It looked like a note.  So, I opened it.

      There was one sentence inside.  

      That one sentence made my whole week brighter.  Isn't it amazing how much one sentence can mean?  One sentence, filled with sincerity and gratitude, can move mountains.  My struggles that day seemed less, because that one sentence seemed to mean more.  And, the notecard itself left some glitter on my fingers, so I think I might have technically sparkled a little bit that day because someone took a moment out of their day to be kind.

      One sentence can mean the world.   Deliver it by notecard, by post it, by text, or face to face.  Maybe we should all share one sentence with someone, with the intent of bringing them a little sparkle.  I think we can make the whole world seem a bit brighter if we all did that.

      Thanks, Sally.  I appreciate you.

***That was technically two sentences, but they are filled with sincerity and gratitude, delivered by blog post.  I hope that counts.  :)


  1. SO much to love in this post, but this line: And, the notecard itself left some glitter on my fingers, so I think I might have technically sparkled a little bit that day because someone took a moment out of their day to be kind.
    That line made my day. I LOVE the idea that you technically sparkled. I've got my notecards ready for Monday. Maybe I'll even put a little glitter inside them.

  2. What a good reminder to let people know we appreciate them.

  3. You're so right that just a few words can have a big impact.

  4. You make me think about little it takes to make someone's day. Earlier this year, I found some postcard notes, a box of 100 for $10. My goal was to write a couple every day, but I haven't been very good about following through on that idea. Reading your post makes me want to try again. Thank you!

  5. One sentence of appreciation - we all have time for that! [digs out notecards]

  6. I smiled when I reached the bottom of this post. :)

    I'm all for sending handwritten letters. I think they're important -- especially in this age of hurried texting.

  7. I try to write handwritten thank you cards at unexpected times. I think everyone needs a thank you every once in a while. I know how much it would make a difference to me sometimes. I'm glad you got a thank you. You deserve it!