Monday, March 11, 2019

#SOL19: March 11th

     One of our favorite traditions at Christmastime is going to the Museum of Science and Industry to see the trees from around the world.  We always go bright and early on Christmas Eve, when the museum tends to be a bit less crowded.  That way, we are are able to study the trees a little closer and take pictures with our favorites.  Each year, the favorites change, based on the countries that my kids have learned about throughout the year.  I find that if they learned about a country in school, or through a book, they appreciate that tree more.

     One year, it was the waffles on the Belgium tree, because they learned that my cousin lives there.  She got a kick out of our picture of the tree when we shared it with her on Facebook.  She even taught us some new words and some history behind the ornaments.  

     Another year, it was the lanterns on the tree from China, because my son's teacher did a whole study of Chinese New Year.  My mom even had a friend donate fortune cookies and menus from her restaurant for his whole class, so they noticed the words on the tree were like the words on those placemats.

     We always stop at the Irish tree, and take a picture with the Claddagh.  My kids don't really know this, but it was the symbol for my wedding way before they were even here.  Faith, loyalty and love still matter to the O'Donnells, especially now that we have our little clan.

     This year, my 5 year old niece was with us.  She runs around and notices a whole set of new things, and this is quite fun to watch.  She is curious and inquisitive, and she says it like it is.  I was still surprised, though, as she started pointing high up into the Canadian tree, and started shouting.

      "Aunt Leah, it's Harry Potter's owl!  Look, way up there!  How did he get up there?  Silly, Harry Potter owl."

       How on earth did my 5 year old niece know about my love for Harry Potter?  And how on earth did she see an owl at the top of a tree that tall?  It's not like she has seen the movies or read the books.  Did my daughter tell her?  I have been trying to get my own kids to be Harry Potter fans for a while now.  Perhaps my niece is my way in.  Maybe she'll convince my kids to love Harry and his friends (Hedwig included) as much as I do.

***This slice was inspired by the flags hanging in 5SVW.  I didn't know what to write about, but a quick glance around their room transported me back to MSI in December.  Thanks for letting me slice with your kids today!

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