Glass Ceilings Break, Too

Friday, July 29, 2016

Day 29 of #btbc16
Hopes and Dreams

     So, a while back, I realized that my daughter thought all bosses were men.  Read this post here.

     Fast forward a few months, and Hillary Clinton was made the Democratic nominee for PRESIDENT.  Here are some headlines from today:

     This is not a post choosing a political side (although I have my opinions).  This is a post about breaking barriers and making things possible that were never thought possible before.  When a barrier falls for a woman, it actually clears the way for everyone.  It makes things possible for all.  It makes my daughters' future brighter, whether Hillary wins or not.  

@JuddLegum via Twitter

     So, last night, as Hillary Clinton was accepting the nomination for President of the United States, I called my daughter downstairs.  Yes, my 6 year old was up that late.  We had just gotten home from our vacation in Michigan, and we were still on Michigan time.  She was awake when history was made, and I remembered that conversation in the Walgreens a few months before.  I called her name from downstairs.

     "Yes, Mom?"

     "K, come here.  I want you to see something."


      "I want you to see that women can be bosses, too.  This woman might be the next President of the United States."

      "The president?  Really?"

      My family then sat and watched balloons and confetti fall, as a woman broke down a barrier, with help from many women before her.  My kids probably don't understand what happened, and they won't remember it on their own, but I will.  That glass ceiling was shattered, and the pieces fell like red, white and blue confetti from the sky.  #GirlPower


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