My Vision Board

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Day 7 of #btbc16
Vision Board

     OK, I'll be honest.  I had to Google a vision board when I saw the topic for Day 7 of #btbc16.  I was intrigued when I saw +Michelle Brezek's post here, but what really got me to jump on the vision board bandwagon was a couple of Pins +Marilyn McManus sent me.  I didn't realize that vision boards could so much crafty fun!  Magazines and a pair of scissors, paired with fancy paper and things that matter to me?  Sign me up!  The only problem was that the only magazines I have are LEGO magazines and Ed Leadership, and a printer that has no yellow ink for images I found on Google.  Turns out, LEGO and EL sum up my life pretty well.  :)

     I got to work, with 2 little helpers.  My kids wanted to make their own posters.  They used the LEGO magazine and found things that were important to them, too.  Minecraft and LEGO pirates were the big winners.  
Family bonding time while making my vision board = Perfection

I want to be present.  (#olw16)
I want to put my family first.
I want to make decisions with empathy in mind.  
I want to de-clutter my home and work space.  And maybe my mind. 
I want to take wellness more seriously.  
I want to continue to
I want to get rid of credit card debt. 
I want to go to more parks and have more local adventures.  
I want to go to California again.
I want to be more organized.
I want to be a leader who learns and teaches. 
I want to always remember why I teach.
I want to allow my crafty side to come out more often.
I want my new learning to be lifeworthy.  Does this learning make my life (or others'  lives) better?
I want to unplug more often in this plugged in world.
I want to big understandings and questions to be in more classrooms.  
I want to keep finding joy in writing and photography and use it to record the "action" of life.
I want to remember to be a marigold, and surround myself with marigolds, as much as possible.
I want to see the positive things that come with change, like a butterfly.  

(Read more about marigolds from Jennifer Gonzalez.)  

     This was so much fun!  I even made a spot for it on my bedside table.  What a great reminder for me as I start each day to live my life with my vision.  Thanks, Marilyn and Michelle, for inspiring me!



  1. I LOVE this leah. THe debt free part - need to add that to mine!
    I'm glad you had fun doing something crafty, thanks for sharing with us! :-)

    1. Now if only the debt free part becomes a reality...

    2. Yes, for me too!! Will be amazing!

  2. I cannot believe that I have been working on a vision board for over a week and you whipped one together in a night! Gretchen Rubin (The Happiness Project) would call you a sprinter (as opposed to a procrastinator). I am clearly the "marathoner" whose vision board, along with my blogsite, are still in progress!

    1. Michelle said Day 7, so I didn't have much choice but to sprint! The second I stop posting on time, the #btbc16 challenge will be done for. I know myself too well to not make the deadline during the first week. Ha!

    2. I can't wait to see yours Marilyn! And your blog!! :-)

  3. Leah, When my children were little I would have school work to catch up on and they would have their "homework". They loved it.

  4. This is great! Now I kind of want to make one but crafts--even simple ones--make me cringe a little! :( I love the marigolds idea from Jennifer Gonzalez. I am trying to introduce that as part of our new teacher program instead of assigned mentors. But some of the other committee people like to do things the way they always have. Sigh.

  5. Love the idea to do it with your kiddos! I will definitely be doing this with my niece-thanks for the idea! Also, really enjoy and agree with a lot that's on your board. :)
    The marigold part I can relate to! So glad you shared!