Friday, July 22, 2016

Day 22 of #btbc16

    Last year I wrote about finding balance for #btbc15.  Here's that post.

     I just re-read it.
     But, most times I feel like this elephant on a beach ball.  Confident but precarious.  A strong wind might knock me over, but at least I'd be on the beach. 

     I'm still an elephant on a beach ball.  Go figure.

     The two things that I did a little better at this year were prioritizing things, and being present.   Well, at least I recognized that those are the two areas that would help me find balance, and I made a concerted attempt to do those two things.

     Around my house and around my school I tried to prioritize my to do list for the things that were most impactful at the time.  Sometimes, that led me to saying no to things, and other times it helped me be honest with people about the timeline they could expect.  That's harder to do around my own children, but I am trying.  They don't seem to take no for an answer as well as my colleagues.

    My One Little Word for 2016 is Present, and that has helped me the most with my family.  When I am with them, I try to be in the moment,  Unlike now, when I am blogging while they play around me...  So, I am working on it.  (But, I missed a few days of the challenge! I had to log back in.)

     I wonder if I will still be that elephant during the #btbc17.  Only time will tell.



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