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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Day 13 of #btbc16
What I'm Lovin' Wednesday

     It seems appropriate that the "What I'm Lovin' Wednesday" prompt fell on my wedding anniversary.  Today marks 14 years married, and almost 21 years together.  I'm so grateful to have him in my life


     Anniversaries are different when you make them a family affair.  We were putting together some new Playmobil toys, one of which was a lifeguard station.   My son said he wanted to make a Staff Only sign for it, because only the lifeguards can sit in the chair.  That's when I hear my husband say from across the house, "Your mom and I climbed a lifeguard station once."  In that moment, I flashed back to Natural Bridges Beach in California back in 2007.  It was near sunset, and the beach was deserted.  I propped my camera in the sand, hit the timer, and ran up the stairs to take a picture on the lifeguard tower.  That's when the a vehicle drove up out of nowhere and said, "You aren't allowed up there!"  This was news to me.  As horrified as I was for breaking the rules, we still have this picture hanging on our walls.  So, today the kids and I recreated the picture in Playmobil.  We do that from time to time. 

    What am I loving today?  My Playmobil self.  She is strong!  Just look at her holding herself up  with just her arm! I could never do that in real life.

   I love my family, too, but that is every day.  Not just Wednesdays.  :)  This is how we looked this particular Wednesday at dinner, though.

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