Green Thumb Dreams

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Day 5 of #btbc16
Slice of Life #sol16

     We were cleaning out our garage a few weeks ago, and my daughter found a Sox Fan sign my mom had given my husband for Christmas a few holidays ago.   She picked it up and demanded that we put it out.  I asked her where she thought a good spot to stick it would be.  

     "In the garden."

     Those words were just hilarious to me.  Our "garden" is a thin patch of dirt that runs parallel to our sidewalk leading to the front door.  The area has always been home to a few wandering weeds, and lots of unoccupied dirt.  But that was about to change.

     The truth is, my daughter has always had green thumb dreams.  For the last few Easters and birthdays, her basket has always come with watering cans, gardening tools, and cute gardening gear.  She even wore her newest gardening ensemble to the Arboretum.  But, she wants to wear it closer to home, in the the land where nothing grows but grass and trees, and a few random bushes.  Our landscaping is nonexistent, save for a few random plants that seems to pop up every year despite us.  My thumb is firmly peach.  

     I went to the store, and searched for seeds that could be in the shade and planted in the the summer.  I was actually rather proud that I, a non-gardener, thought to do that.  I also picked up the ones that were the bluest, as that is her favorite color.  I came how with the seed packets, and she got to work in her garden.  At first, it was a harvest of rocks and stones.

     A week or so later, and there are signs of life.  Some seeds have started to pop up through the barren dirt, looking for the sun.  And my daughter's smile started to grow right along with them.  Seeds of joy!  Let's just see if they survive in our non-landscaped environment. Only time will tell.  She better get those gardening tools handy, though  She has to work for that green thumb.


  1. I love that your daughter loves to grow pretty things! I like to look at them, but growing them proves not to be my forte. Thankfully my husband remembers to water everything. :)

  2. what a lovely post. Favorite line was about how your daughter wants to wear her gardening gear closer to home, just love that - and seeds of joy! I can't wait to see it in a few weeks, be sure to keep us updated! :-)

    1. I almost called the post Seeds of Joy, but then I changed it because only some of the seeds have sprouted so far. Green Thumb Dreams seemed a little more accurate of the garden's current state. Ha!

  3. Lovely! Gardening is good for the soul. I hope it flourishes!

  4. What a beautiful gift to give your daughter. I'm not a gardener, but I care for flowers, bushes, shrubs my son has planted, and this simple act of caring always refreshes my heart and mind. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I love this line: "But, she wants to wear it closer to home, in the the land where nothing grows but grass and trees, and a few random bushes." Good luck!

  6. I love your peach thumb statement! LOL!!!!!!