Summer Shelfies

Monday, July 4, 2016

Day 4 of #btbc16
Summer Shelfies

     These are the summer shelfies I have already finished!  At the end of the school year, I was already reading Echo and The Fourteenth Goldfish for book clubs, so I had a head start with them.  I had also read half of Fish in a Tree earlier in the year, but never got around to finishing it.  So, those were the three I started with.  Since then, the others have followed.  I am quite impressed with myself, to be honest.  Last year, my shelfie pile wasn't as successful.  This year, I am determined to practice sketch noting as I read, so I think that helps me keep picking up the books.  I have found that I love to sketch note novels.  Here are my latest notes from Raymie Nightingale:

      I just have to say that I loved all of these books, and for very different reasons.  There isn't a bad title in that stack.  But my favorite so far?  Three way tie between Pax, Raymie Nightingale, and Echo.  :)

    So, without further ado, here are my summer selfies for the rest of the summer!

     I have read part of a few of those books, so I am hoping to finish them this summer.  I am doing a blog study of What Teachers Make, so that is the only professional read in my stack.  My focus this summer is #kidlit.  I am going to try a few graphic novels, even though I prefer traditional novels, to adjust to them a little more.  One title I borrowed a few years ago and haven't returned yet.  Oops.  A few fun, new titles from the book store are in there, and a few are actually missing from the stack.  I have a book mystery on my hands!  



  1. Lots of book on your list! Are you planning to use these with students or are you just experimenting with kid lit? Read on! :)

    1. I did a little tiny bit with students at the end of last year with sketch notes. My goal is to practice myself this summer so that I can use it more effectively with students next year.

  2. I have ECHO and The War That Saved My Life on my large "To Read" list!!! LOVED Three Times Lucky - very different read for me, but I enjoyed it! LOVED LOVED LOVED Wonder! I have the sequel on my stack of books to read! Have seen The Fourteenth Goldfish and Fish in a Tree, but haven't read them yet. Can't wait to hear more about these as you finish them.


  3. I just started Three Times Lucky last night! Off to a good start!