Toy Pensee Poems: A Slice of Life

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Writing teachers need to write themselves.
I am participating in the Slice of Life 2015 Challenge, 
where I attempt to write stories and narratives about moments in my life.
I apologize if this blog post veers off the informative "literacy lens" I usually write through.
This month I am pretending to be a writer, for my students' benefit (and my own).
Writers write. 

I was inspired by a fellow slicer and the random toy scenes I discovered around my home this morning.
*This slice was inspired by this post from a fellow slicer:

LEGO brick made
Crafting things without a mind
Empty on the kitchen table
Where are those LEGO heads?

Parked toy
White hotel bus
Waiting for some travelers 
Playmobil van, LEGO driven
Who needs a new windshield?

A line
From big to small
Carnivores walking slowly
Long journey to the bathroom sink
Ferocious and playful

Nap time
Night for the knight
Laying on a blue lawn chair
In a castle tower bedroom
What will he dream about?

Cars all jammed up
Rear ending an alien
Creeper behind the wheel on top
Hope there isn't a fire!

All laying down
With a big green dinosaur?
Neverland is full of magic
Even dinos are friends.
It isn't a mess if memories are made in the process.  :)


  1. Love these toy pensee poems. I am going to have to try this out (seeing as there's tons of inspiration all over our home!).

  2. Love, love, love your Pensee Poems and especially the photos with each one! I think it is awesome how I was inspired by someone's and then you saw mine and felt is like an awesome chain of writing love! You add a great sense of humor to each poem! So creative!