Let's Find a Park!: A Slice of Life

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Writing teachers need to write themselves.
I am participating in the Slice of Life 2015 Challenge, 
where I attempt to write stories and narratives about moments in my life.
I apologize if this blog post veers off the informative "literacy lens" I usually write through.
This month I am pretending to be a writer, for my students' benefit (and my own).
Writers write. 

     "Let's find a park around here, mom!"

     Today, we went to a birthday party about an hour from our house.  It was at an indoor park place with slides and balls and peddle cars.  The kids ran around for almost three hours, with a little cupcake break in the middle.  I thought they would be exhausted.  My oldest had other plans, though.

     We stopped at a teacher's store, which was right down the street.  We bought some necessities.  Every pretend classroom needs a blow up globe, some chart stickers, a few new pencil boxes, Seuss sharpeners, and a sight word game.  Right? 

     Once we got back into the car, it was immediate.  

     "Mom, let's find a park around here.  I bet they have a lot of parks."

     "Yeah Mom!  I'm all buckled up!  Ready to go to the park!"

     Uh oh.  Partners in crime.  I'm in trouble.  So, I went to my phone, and opened up Maps and did a search for "parks".  As luck would have it, a bunch turned up in the search.  I picked one, and we were off.

In half a mile, turn left at this street.

In 2 miles, turn right at this street.

Your destination is on the right.

     All I could see was a forest.  Hmmm.  I think that some of these parks might be forest preserve parks.  

     "Well, that's not right Mom!  Go to the next one."

     So, I pulled over and did another search.  This one was called Veterans Park, and it had 5 stars!  Here we go!  

Turn right at this street.

In 1.1 miles, take a left at this street.

Go three miles and turn right at this street.

Your destination is on the left.

     OK.  My system doesn't seem to be working.  This one is clearly Veterans Park, since there are flagpoles ahead.  However, this seems to be more of a memorial than a park, because there are no slides in sight.  Do I try a new search?  Or do I give up and head home?

     "Mom, your phone was wrong again.  Silly phone.  Let's try again."

     Third time is the charm, right?  So, I do another search. 

Turn right.

Turn left.

Destination should be on your right, but there are no slides in sight.  Good luck to you.

     Did my phone really say that, or am I just screaming in my own head?  Oh wait... What is that?  Off to the right?  Is that an orange plastic climbing structure!?!?!  Oh my goodness, we found one!!  Quick left turn.  Happy kids in the back seat.  All is right with the world.  Turning into the parking lot, I notice that the name of the park is wrong.  This is not, in fact, the park we were looking for.  But, who cares?  The sun is shining!  There are swings to swing on!  Time to put the phone away, get the camera out, and enjoy! 


  1. Sounds like good fun. They're remodeling a park near my house.

  2. Funny! This is great writing! The park by my house has been PACKED this week with the warmer weather, and I hope to take our niece tomorrow to get out some of her energy and give her mama a break!