Little Things: A Slice of Life

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Writing teachers need to write themselves.
I am participating in the Slice of Life 2015 Challenge, 
where I attempt to write stories and narratives about moments in my life.
I apologize if this blog post veers off the informative "literacy lens" I usually write through.
This month I am pretending to be a writer, for my students' benefit (and my own).
Writers write. 

It's the little things in life that are the big things...

Iced caffeinated gratitude on my desk this morning  

Tweet references from teachers out of the blue

People in your life willing to help you with problems, big and small

Joy in learning (for teachers and students!)

Random conversations about great novels and Disney movies

New books from a book order in my son's back pack

Theater viewing of the Breakfast Club, 30 years after it was released

Screws that {literally} fall out, because the world is an imperfect place

The LEGO that I just stepped on 

Blog posts done, even if hours past the deadline....

It's the little things.  :)


  1. You're right, it is the little things! I love how you've written a slice that is so relatable for any reader! I especially love those Scholastic books in the backpack...

  2. Oh those little things-we have to learn to appreciate them right? Even the Legos.

  3. I loved reading your list of little things that make up our days brighter and keep going and surprises mean a lot!