Sets of 5: A Slice of Life

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Writing teachers need to write themselves.
I am participating in the Slice of Life 2015 Challenge, 
where I attempt to write stories and narratives about moments in my life.
I apologize if this blog post veers off the informative "literacy lens" I usually write through.
This month I am pretending to be a writer, for my students' benefit (and my own).
Writers write. 

5 fingers on a hand.
5 toes on a foot.
5 cents in a nickel.
5 sides on a pentagon.
5 lakes in the Great Lakes.
5 oceans in the world.
5 musicians in a quintet.
5 children in quintuplets.
5 branches in the military.
5 vowels in the English language.

And, today...
5 years old is my daughter.

Happy Birthday, K!

1 comment:

  1. Delightful. Love the candle, too.
    Now I will wonder about things that come in fives....