Green Waterfall: A Slice of Life

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Writing teachers need to write themselves.
I am participating in the Slice of Life 2015 Challenge, 
where I attempt to write stories and narratives about moments in my life.
I apologize if this blog post veers off the informative "literacy lens" I usually write through.
This month I am pretending to be a writer, for my students' benefit (and my own).
Writers write. 

Water rushing over the rocks
People gather, dressed in shades of green

Kids in Irish hats running up and down the hill
Throwing sticks into the water
Still waiting...

A shamrock green glow starts to emerge,
Spilling into the pools below
The emerald waterfall arrives.

Kids squeal in delight
Cameras click away, capturing the moment
The leprechaun has returned again this year.

Then, as quickly as it began,
The green begins to fade away.
Luckily, memories last forever...


  1. Oh my goodness, that is so neat! I'm sure the kids knew that crazy leprechaun did it right? Sweet moment captured never quite the same again...

  2. Wow, first I thought I barely made the slice link in time but you were just behind me! And it's a good one! Love the photos. Your kids are gorgeous. I also wrote about leprechauns tonight and my son would love this place! Too funny. Really excellent slice. I like how you staggered your stanzas with slight action building. Well done.

    1. I had trouble saving my post earlier, and remember to log back in right at the deadline to try again! What stress! I'm glad you made it on time!

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  4. Poetry is such a great way to capture a special moment. No doubt you and your children will always cherish these memories.

  5. That is so cool!! How do they color the water like that?
    Good job getting that list minute slice in!!