Why do you laugh all the time?

Friday, July 11, 2014

Day 11 of #BTBC14
How would your students describe you?

     "Why do you laugh all the time?"  I have heard that from a lot of my students over the years, so I guess they would describe me as someone who likes to laugh.

     I know how old my former students are based on the question they ask when they come back to see me.  "How is [Snoopy/ your son/ your daughter?]"  I guess I talk about my family a lot in my classroom.  Ok... I talk about them and show pictures of them.  I have always told my students that they are my school kids, so I naturally talk about my home kids whenever I get a chance. One big happy family!

     They probably also would describe me as a coffee drinker and a chocolate eater, based on the gifts I tend to get at Christmas.  (They would be right, by the way).

     I also think they would describe me as a reader, and someone who likes to be told the truth. They also know I like "that team."  They are, of course, referring to the Illini.

     I taught second grade for a long time, so I know exactly how they would describe me, based on the notes and birthday cards they have written me.  I am "nice" and "the best teacher."  I always chuckled at that one, because my co-teacher would get a card on the same day from the same kid with the same statement.  What's the chance that the 2 "best teachers ever" would be in the same room at the same time?

     Second graders are second graders.  They love school and their teachers, and that means the world to them.  Over the years, what has meant the world to me is when they come back to see me.  I have now had college kids come back looking for me (which seems impossible to me).  They still tell me how nice I was, but they often have some more specific character traits to use in those conversations.  It's the surprise emails, like the one with the poem above attached to it...  And the occasional paper letter in my mailbox...  Those I hold onto and cherish.

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