The Theme of Friendship

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Day 12 of #BTBC14
Share about your most important friendships.

     My friends are very important to me.  I have some friends that I have known since I was just a little girl, and some I met in 2014.  What makes my friendships special?

Like Hagrid and Harry...
My friends have always protected and cared for me, and I have tried to do the same for them.  

Like Frog and Toad...
 My friends and I have enjoyed sitting down and catching up with each other over a cup of tea.  
Well, we might prefer a cup of coffee and a nice meal, too.

Like Pooh and Piglet...
My friends have been there to give me a hug when I need it, and I give them hugs in return.

Like Wilbur and Charlotte...
My friends see the best in me, sometimes when I can't see it myself.  
The reverse is also true.

Like The Man in the Yellow Hat and Curious George...
My friends and I appreciate a good park.  There is nothing like a swing and a slide to make you smile.

Like Thing 1 and Thing 2...
My friends and I like to celebrate things (anything, really) together.  

Like Louis and Alphonse...
My friends and I sometimes don't get to see each other as often as we like.  When we are together, 
we appreciate the time spent with each other.

 Like Piggie and Gerald...
My friends are honest with me, even when it is something I don't want to hear.  They don't judge me when I tell them all my worries (and man, there are a lot).  My friends do silly things with me, and we celebrate even the smallest of things in big ways.  


     Friendship is a theme that should be studied in all the books we read, starting in kindergarten.  What a great message for our students to think about as they listen to books in class!  Book characters can be role models for many things in life, and friendship is among my favorites.  If you have been worried about starting a theme conversation in your class in the early grades, think about a theme like friendship to get you started.  Your kids will start to notice it in the books that you read, and even the ones they read by themselves.  And, perhaps they will be better friends on the playground too!

     Who are your favorite book character friends?  Share them in the comments!


  1. Very clever post! Some of my favorite friends are Amos & Boris, Rosie & Michael.

    1. How did I miss Amos and Boris?!?!?! Good one!

  2. I still have my friend from kindergarten! We grew up together and still talk every once in a while! I love Forest and Jenny from Forest Gump!

  3. I love the way you incorporated the story book friends! I love Henry and Mudge.
    Not very fancy

  4. Leah, It's so awesome how you interpret this blog challenge - every day I just think your posts are so creative! One of my fave friends is Lilly from Kevin Henkes. She's so sassy but she totally has her family's back! When I was a kid - it was Garfield and Odie. Loved those characters! Thanks for making me think of this in a new way! :-)

  5. I think friendships like Piggie and Gerald are extremely important! They make me laugh. :)

  6. I love the way you incorporated all of those adorable books into your post. You're so quick-witted. Fun. Thanks for sharing, Leah! ;)