Perfect Moments

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Day 29 of #BTBC14
Share a memory of a perfect day you once had.

     I would say that most of my perfect days are days where I have remembered the sentiment that we find happiness when we recognize and appreciate what we have.  I have had a lot of good days, so one doesn't stick out to me.  The world is a busy, busy place.  When we take the time to be in the moment and enjoy what we have, and worry less about things out of our control, then we have more "perfect moments."  It's the moments that seem to come in a rush when I read Michelle's prompt today.

(Sidenote: I am the biggest worrier around.  Perhaps this post is more a "Note to Self" kind of post.)

Perfect moments like:

Listening to my kids play together with their Playmobils and Legos, and giggle uncontrollably.

Watching the clouds on our front lawn.

Seeing kids' expression (mine or my students) when I take them to a new place.

Listening to my son and daughter tell their own stories before bedtime.

Finding a former student waiting to talk to me.

Having someone come up to me after a PD with something kind to say.

Hearing a students come up with an idea or thought that I had never thought about.  

Finding chocolate on my desk.

Seeing that the drive thru line at Dunkin Donuts is really short.

Getting hot fries at McDonalds.  

Hearing one of those classic songs from my past come on the radio, especially when it happens right before a school day starts.  Then it's in my head all day!

Finding a great new book and reading it aloud to a class of kids.

When my kids reach up to hold my hand.

     So, rather than pick my perfect day (at the risk of my other perfect days feeling left out) I will just leave you with those "perfect moments."  I hope, as the school year starts up again, that you find yourself having many "perfect moments" of your own.


  1. I absolutely LOVE your perfect moments. I can relate to many of them. Thanks so much for bringing them to mind!!

  2. Love your list of favorite moments! Yes!