Teacher Poets Revisited

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Day 15 of #BTBC14
Who are your memorable students?  Share a story with one of them!

     I really have no time to write this blog post, but I can't break the blog challenge either!  I couldn't decide which student to write about, so instead I was cleaning out my dropbox because I keep getting a "your start up disk is full" message from my computer.  I have too many things to do on my computer to have no space.  Time to declutter my dropbox files.  While doing so, I found this:

Always my baby boy
Little in so many ways, but
Growing up before my eyes
I watch him...
Struggle to zip his own coat, and succeed
Pedaling his big wheel down the driveway
Writing his name in almost all caps on his papers
Finally tall enough to ride the rides at the fair without his mom
Coloring inside the lines
Saying, "Are you so proud of me mom?
I did it all by myself."

And I wonder...
Do I want him to color in the lines?
Does he need to do everything by himself?

Always my baby boy...

     This was a poem that I had written back in April when the wonderful +Christopher Lehman was hosting his Teacher Poets series.  Every Saturday for 4 weeks, we logged into google and got to write poetry live for an hour with Chris and his group of brave teacher poets.  We workshopped their writing live via twitter.  I can't even tell you what a great experience this was, not only to see Chris Lehman write live, but also to challenge myself to be a poet.  I have forced my students to write poems, but I can't say the same for myself.  +Michelle Brezek  over at Big Time Literacy, and host of this blogging challenge, had wanted to see my poems back then.  I didn't post any because I guess I was reluctant.  But, finding this one today as I decluttered my dropbox, written about my son as a student of life, I saw it as a sign.  My son and daughter are perhaps my most memorable students, after all.  :)  

     Christopher Lehman has been blogging and tweeting all week about a big announcement he is making live tomorrow!  Cross your fingers he is coming to Chicago for his big event... whatever it is!  Check out his blog below.  :)



  1. LEAH!!! I'm so happy you shared a poem with us and I love it. See, isn't the blogging out to a big world full of tons of followers who love your work so fun and liberating? :-)
    Can't wait to hear about your boyfriend Chris Lehman's announcement! Hopefully you'll write about it today!

  2. This is so sweet! I had never written a poem in my life until I had to teach poetry to first graders.(Well, maybe in fifth grade?) Everything I know about writing poetry I learned from the Lucy Calkins primary writing book. I'm impressed that you were brave enough to share one of your poems. Perhaps you'll be able to inspire some of your students with your bravery this year. :)
    Not very fancy