Dimensions of Wellness

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Day 28 of #BTBC14
Health, fitness, and general wellness: What are your routines in summer and during the school year?

     Wellness is not really one of my areas of strength, I suppose.  I am the most un-athletic person on the planet (or at least that is how I feel).  During the summer, I do walk all over the place, most of the time pushing a double stroller or carrying a kid, so I will call that my workout routine.  I did switch to coffee with cream only (except for my iced coffee I guess...) a year or so ago.  I can't say that the summer has been good on my self control when it comes to ice cream, though.  

     I looked up wellness graphics after reading Sue Butler's post about wellness being more than just physical fitness.  Thank goodness.  It turns out, I do indeed have things to say about wellness.

     Working with teachers this past year, I really saw the toll that stress takes on people.  Everyone reacts to change in different ways, including myself.  In order to deal with the stress that comes along with new learning standards and changing curriculum, we need to balance that with different dimensions of wellness.  Some of my colleagues are really good about going to the gym or running miles to reduce stress.  Some made an effort to get together with friends after work in a more social setting.  Some took to Twitter or professional development opportunities and developed their intellectual wellness.  Some changed roles at school.  Some tried to put their family first or do things they enjoy to find that emotional balance.  Many went to church or other spiritual gatherings.  Some teachers, in fact, did more than one of those things.  

     As we start next year, perhaps we should all make sure that we are doing things that will help us deal with the stress of the school year better.  Do whatever enhances your wellness!

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  1. Hi! Everyone should take care of themselves especially teachers. If you aren't your best, it can impact the children too. I'm not athletic either. I mostly workout at home. But as long as you are moving, it counts as exercise. Stress is bad for health so getting rid of stress is important. Have a nice day!

    Aubrey Holloway @ Primary Care AK