Literacy Coach, Year 2!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Day 27 of #BTBC14
What are you most excited about for the upcoming school year?

     I am most excited about starting my 2nd year as a literacy coach.  My position wasn't created until the end of July last year, so August was a whirlwind of packing up my old classroom in a hurry and cleaning my garage out to store it all.  The year started, and I jumped in.  

The Literacy Coaching Continuum (Moran, 2007)
     That being said, I never really set goals at the beginning of the year.  I did talk through the role change at my cognitive coaching training last year, and I told my partner that I really wanted to help teachers believe in themselves and make decisions in their own rooms.  How I was going to achieve that I was flexible about.  I feel like throughout the year, I learned a lot about the staff and the multiple ways that I could support them.  I would call it a work in progress, though.  I am still finding my way.

     This year, I have the same intention.  Now more than ever, our teachers need to feel empowered and in control.  The key to that, in my opinion, is having strong knowledge base and knowledge of students.  I would really like to help our staff think more deeply about the common core standards, and help them use formative assessments and student work to really see what the kids are doing in their classrooms.  I feel that the combination of those two things (as well as a supportive colleague who is happy to help in any way possible) will help them feel empowered.  Materials, resources, and pacing guides do not need to drive our classrooms.  Our kids need to drive the classroom, with the teacher behind the wheel.    
D100 Literacy Coaches
     I am also really looking forward to working with our district literacy coaches again this year.  I feel like last year, we spent a lot of time talking about the new curriculum that we were putting in place.  That conversation will continue, but I really hope to hear more about the wonderful things they are doing at their buildings specifically.  I am looking forward to developing the coaching part of my role, and they will be the key to that.  One is moving to a new district, but I have a feeling I will continue learning from her as well.  :)

     Here comes 2014-15!

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  1. I'm looking forward to hearing more about the journey during your second year as Literacy Coach. ;)