My Favorite Childhood Books

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Day 7 of #BTBC14
Favorite Books as a Child or Adult

 It started with Steven Kellogg, and the Island of the Skog.
Terrible, horrible, no good very bad days didn't happen to me, but they did to Alexander.
I always loved a biography from the Value Tales series.
Ramona Quimby became my hero.
Judy Blume then entered my life.
Life on the prairie seemed so wonderful in a log cabin.
Then I longed to babysit kids with a club of my very own.
Choose your own adventures were very adventurous. 
Nancy Drew always caught the bad guy, sometimes with a little help from the Hardy Boys.
Those Sweet Valley twins grew up and eventually went to high school.
Christopher Pike almost made me leave the lights on at night.

I need to read some of these books again.

     I guess it is no surprise that I grew up to be a Literacy Coach.  I lived directly across the street from a library as a kid. In fact, if I walked to the end of my driveway and crossed the street, I was in the library parking lot.  My friends used to call it my Beach House, as I spent most of my summer there.  I then spent most of my allowance at Waldenbooks buying the newest Babysitter's Club or Christopher Pike novel.  I remember waiting with such anticipation for the next book in the series to be released.
     I was super cool.  

     I really hope that my kids will have memories like that.  
Going to a library and looking for real books...  
Spending hours in bookstores...  

    These days, with the digital literacy push, I am fearful that they won't.  So, we make regular trips to the library now.  I make a big deal about reading books before bed, cuddled up under the blankets with a light hat on from the zoo.  We would go to the bookstore, if more were open around us.  I hope their generation has a balance, because it was such a huge part of making me who I am today.  No bad feelings for the iPad or the Kindle, but I love books.  Real books.

     For my students, who are old enough to be in series books, I really hope that The Magic Treehouse and Junie B. Jones are for them who the Babysitter's Club and Ramona Quimby was for me.  Once a reader, always a reader...


  1. Aw.... I forgot about Alexander! And Laura! I forgot how much I love the Little House books as a child! I see many books I will have to go back and explore and discover! Thanks!

  2. I think I have read many if not all of the books you have listed / pictured. I became a Reading Specialist because of my love of reading. My classroom library takes up so much space in my classroom, but I will not cut it down. I think books are so very important for my students.

    I totally agree - Once a reader, always a reader.

  3. Hey Leah - Yes, I worry about the digital literacy push, too. I think maybe we need to let kids develop their preferences about how to read just as they develop their preferences about the types of books they like...everything in balance is my best rule of thumb!
    Also, thank you for reminding me of Christopher Pike. I actually read a bunch of those in Middle School I think, and loved them! Good reminder! :-)

  4. I spent way to much of my life reading the Baby Sitter's Club! I'm a bit jealous that you grew up so close the library. I had to ride my bike 2 miles to get there! What do you read now?
    Not very fancy


  5. Leah ends this post with "once a reader, always a reader." I'd add to that by saying that the best teachers of reading are teachers who love to read and always make time for their own reading. Leah, your students are very lucky to have had you to inspire and teach them. Your own kids won the #greatmom lottery!

    1. #greatkids all the way! I am the lucky one.

  6. Ah! Now that I see your favorites, I totally recall Superfudge, Ramona Quimby and Little House on the Prairie!! I enjoyed all of them, too, as well as Freckle Juice. That one just popped into my head. Remember that one? ;) Yes, piggy-backing on Marilyn's comment, your own kids and your students are fortunate to have you!

    1. Freckle Juice! I think we can both relate to that book. We have a freckly or two. :) You are so kind!!!!