Thursday, March 5, 2020

#SOL20: March 5th

          There he was, sitting in my backyard like a statue.  Frost still covering the grass, with the sun just about to rise.  He sat there, completely still, with his bushy tail in perfect squirrel formation.  Waiting, but for what...

          My mind flashed to Flora and Ulysses, my current read, and I wondered if he was Ulysses, a quite unusual squirrel from Kate DiCamillo's book.  And, as I wondered it, I felt like he stared at me.  Still not moving, just staring.  Just a squirrel and I, making eye contact as the day began.

         "Ulysses?" I wondered to myself.  And then I thought, "Dude, that book is fiction.  It's just a squirrel.  Get yourself some coffee."  So, I did.   And he was gone.   Now my backyard is just a backyard, not a fictional setting, and the cone that is for some reason still out there is just marks the area where I may have briefly met Ulysses.  Or not.

***I recreated the moment with an emoticon squirrel.  The real squirrel refused to be photographed. :)


  1. Leah,
    This is precious. I love your thoughts after that sweet little magic moment: "Dude, that book is fiction. It's just a squirrel. Get yourself some coffee." Thanks for sharing this fun little slice of your life.

  2. LOL "Get yourself some coffee." I feel that!

  3. Almost disappointed that the squirrel was gone when you returned with your coffee! Thanks for sharing. Well written.

  4. Flora and Ulysses is sitting in my TBR pile. I may have to move him closer to the top - although I have a bad personal experience with squirrels.... maybe I’ll see them differently after readingz